7 Best Media Players for Apple Mac In 2019

best media players mac os

It is very important to keep a good media player if you are using a Mac. We need a media player not only for entertainment but for some other purposes too. Media player which gives you an awesome visual display, support all type of media files and comes with a good user interface is the most suitable media player for you. Here is a list of most popular and best media player for mac from which you can choose your favorite one.

You will get lots of media players on the market if you search in web but you must know which one is the best and which one you should keep. Before downloading and installing any media player you must consider some particular things such as the media player is free of ads, virus, malware, spyware or not. The media player is best in its category or not and uses the best interface or not. Then you should check the player whether it can play all type of media files.

Many media players are available for Mac. Some come for free and you need to pay for some. If you are confused about which media player to install then here is a list of best media players for Mac. You can compare the media players one with the other and select the most suitable player for your Mac.

7 Best Media Players For Mac That You Should Use

MPV media player for Mac

MPV Media Player

7. MPV

This is a great media player which you can keep on your Mac. The main motto of the player is to provide the best performance by focusing more on the streamlined CLI options. This media player runs without GUI, means the player don’t have any interface but the player comes with on-screen controls which you can control by moving the movement of the cursor.

This player is very small in size and works perfectly. Once you will install this player you will get some pretty good video output.

5KPlayer for Mac


6. 5KPlayer

This is a very powerful media player which focuses mostly on online contents. Apart from that, it supports almost all type of video formats. You can guess the main feature of this player from its name itself.

A feature which made this player different from others is its Ultra 4k and 5k playing ability. Apart from that you can download videos directly from any sites and listen to popular FM stations too. Not only video, you can download audio files too from different sites.

Elmedia Player

Elmedia Player

5. Elmedia Player

This is the only media player in this list which you need to buy from the Mac App Store. This player comes in two different versions. One is the normal version which you will get for free and the other is the Pro version which comes with many in-app purchases. You can play almost all type of media files on this player.

The most popular feature of this player are playing any online videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo. In this player, you will get 10-band equalizer, which you won’t get in any other media player.

Cisdem best media player for mac

Cisdem Media Player

4. Cisdem

This is one of the most popular video players which is also the favourite of many. This is the best player to watch movies and TV shows. People who are addicted to TV series, they can add a directory in this player and the player will organize all the available TV shows.

While watching any TV show, you can subscribe to them too and it will notify you when any new episode releases. When it comes to playing any media file, there are very few file formats which this player can’t play. The main drawback of this player is you need to pay a certain amount of money to watch and to avail all the features.

best media players mac os


3. MPlayerX

Before installing this player in your Mac one thing you must know that there are several versions of MPlayer present in the market. All these players use the same engine but I am talking about the MPlayerX here.

This player has the features which an ideal video player should have. Features that made this player different from others are smooth playing, gesture support, auto encode of subtitles, online playback, controlled by Apple Remote and many other things. The only drawback of this player is the continuously pop up of ads.

QuickTime Player for Mac

QuickTime Player

2. QuickTime Player

This player is very much native with OS X and one of the best because of Apple’s flagship. The player is popular because of its battery optimized playing feature. This player comes with AirPlay support which you won’t get in any other app.

Using this player is also very easy. It allows you editing and conversation too. The only drawback of this player the lack of file format support though it supports all HD files but lacks in playing many files especially MKV files.

VLC Player for mac

VLC Player

1. VLC Player

When it comes to the best media player for Mac, nothing can replace VLC media player. Not only in Mac, the VLC media player is also popular in almost all type of platforms. This is the most powerful media player which supports almost all type of file formats.

The numbers of customization and enhancement options are available in this player; you won’t get in any other player. Not only for video and audio playing you can use this player for some pretty good screen recording too. The only drawback of this player is it drains the battery very fast.

All these media players come with some unique features which made them different from each other. Some players you will get in the Apple App store and rest you can download from the respective official sites. Keeping a good player is very necessary because if you don’t use a good player, you won’t get a good output. We use media players for entertainment, so if the player is not good then everything will go in vain. Apart from the video output, sound quality also matters. You can choose any media player from the above list of Best media player for Mac, all of them are unique in their own category.

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