Amazing Features of Elmedia Player for Mac

Elmedia Player for Mac

Watching videos and movies is the favorite pass time of most people. Whether it is for entertainment or educative purposes having a good video player is absolutely necessary.

Are you a Mac user in search of a media player that lives up to your expectations? You must be using the Quicktime player that every Mac user has but after Quicktime 7 came into being, the feature-rich media player saw diminishing features and functionality.

Talking about free media players better than Quicktime, you have VLC but it can be a little difficult to use the media player. Additionally, there is unsatisfactory user support as VLC is an open source media player. Now, what does all this mean to you as a Mac user in search of a free media player? It is simple – find an alternative media player that offers features that are not provided by any of the trending free players.

Does such a media player even exist? Well, yes it does! Elmedia Player for Mac is a feature-rich media player for Mac that has all that you would need. Along with the basic functionality, it has the features that a player in this technology-profound era should have. Elmedia has a lot more than what Quicktime has to offer.

The free version of the player has features that other free players don’t offer and if you are willing to go in for the paid version, you are bound to mesmerized by what all is in store for you!


The media player offers an appropriate subtitle support that is not present in Quicktime. You can also create your own playlists with Elmedia. The player has tools that help in fixing sync issues. It also offers streaming video support, both Chromecast and Airplay support which is not very common in most players.

There is also an option to automatically search online for subtitle files that match the movie you are watching. Additionally, there is the option of in app downloading of video and audio files.

User-friendly Interface

Elmedia comes with features that are pretty impressive. Moreover, the player has only those features that you will be really using. The interface is easy to use and has a clean look so that you are not distracted by any means while watching a movie or a video.

Those of you who are unhappy with the complicated look of players like VLC will find Elmedia to be a fresh change. Apart from being elegant, it appears uncluttered.

Screen-flipping and subtitling options

Those who stream a lot of videos or project them will find Elmedia’s screen-flipping features quite appealing especially when the projector is mounted on the ceiling. Non-native speakers of English will have a great time watching movies with the subtitling options.

The player support a plenty of subtitle formats much to the joy of users. The subtitling features are quite superior to the ones offered by Quicktime. You can search for subtitles online just like how it is done on VLC. The difference is that with Elmedia such features are easier to find and user-friendly.

Playback controlling and real-time manipulations

Watching videos on Elmedia is indeed a treat for the eyes. The controls let you play the video in slow motion or at the desired speed. While with Quicktime you have to wait for large videos to buffer, with Elmedia everything can be played in an instant. Chances are high that this player does not wait for the complete video to get loaded in the memory, it instead streams the video. The player is quite fast and it won’t waste your time like other video players.

You can even do real-time manipulations when you play movies or videos and the processing is done instantly. You can flip the video vertically or horizontally while playing it and this does not affect the playback speed.

Benefits of the paid version of Elmedia Player

The following are the advantages of choosing the paid version of this media player:

  • You can download online videos
  • Extract audio in MP3 format from YouTube videos
  • Broadcast to smart TVs (DLNA enabled), Apple Airplay and Chromecast

Though the player has a lot to offer, there is one thing missing – The ability to convert a file from one format to another. However, it need not be seen as a con because the player plays all media files and there would be no need for conversion.

The bottom line

You can download Elmedia Player free of cost and enjoy the amazing features that are available in the trial version. To be able to use the advanced features, you would need to pay but the cost is quite reasonable and it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. First download the trial version of the media player and use it. You can then decide for yourself whether you want to upgrade or not.

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