Audials Radio iOS App Review: Best Trending Music App

Audials Radio App iOS Review

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Radio?

A Transistor, Right?

Well, a transistor is commonly known as A Radio. But we are not talking about a transistor or a radio in this post.

What we are talking about is the Audials Radio App that has been developed for the iOS platform.

There has been lots of news floating around that Audials Radio App is probably the best Radio App. And I am quite sure that you too might have some of those news’.

Well, why else would you reading this Review of “Audials Radio iOS App”? Well, talk about this in details down below.

About Audials Radio App:

So what is this Audials Radio App

Well, Audials Radio App is actually an online radio app that lets you listen to online radio. This radio app has over 80,000 radio stations that provide you with the best and latest music. Moreover, it provides you with music from over 120 genres too. You will able to find all you favorite music tracks in this App.

I have recently started using this app and I haven’t regretted my decision of downloading this App. The app is quite easy to use as the user-interface of this app is very friendly and smooth. Let’s check out some of the major features of this app down below.

Why Should I Use This App?

One of the primary questions that are on your mind is that what you should use this App, Right? Well, to answer that I would like to introduce you to the features of this App. Check out those down below.


Some of the best music stations are available on this radio App. Well, not just that you can get hold of any radio station that is available throughout the Globe. Apart from that, before listening to the songs you can check the song lists, artists and the album artwork.

It is quite easy to search for new stations based on your preferred genres or album artists. You can also locate the local radio stations and that too without facing a problem.

Suppose that you have liked a song that has been playing on a certain station. Then you can even record the song with the help of automatic track separation and play it later.

You can even turn Audials in to your personal radio station. Quite an amazing feature, right? Wait, there’s more.

One of the most loveable features of this app is that you can mark all your favorite stations and arrange them according to your liking. You can even play these songs later during your leisure or at any occasion. This app also lets you add shortcuts of your pinned pages to the home screen.

Another loveable feature of this app is that you can transfer your individual account to any playback device like other smartphones or even a PC or Laptop.

For iOS users there are different facilities provided the app such as Car mode that lets you use this app quite smoothly while driving. A sleep timer has been provided that let you set sleep timer.

There are different skins of this Radio App. Just set skins according to your preferred choices.

There are lots of videos available on the App too. Well, all that you need to do is punch in the name of the video and you would be able to get it. From music to news, Audials Radio iOS App has it all.

This App is available for free on the App Store. Not just for iOS, this app is available for free on all platforms.

So these were some of the major features of this app. You can get to know about the other features too after you start using this app.


Among all the Radio App that is available nowadays, this one can be categorised as the one of the top radio apps. Speaking from personal experience I would recommend you to use this app. Well, some of the features that are available on this app are quite unique and are not available in other Apps.

I am quite sure that you are going to love this app. In fact all users of this app are quite satisfied with this app. This app is available for the Android Platform too. If you are not satisfied with the explanation provided here then I would suggest you to download this app. Well, what harm can it do? It’s available for free. If you don’t like it then just uninstall the app and be done with it.

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