5 Best Alternative Search Engines For Private Web Browsing

DuckDuckGo private browsing

Exploring or browsing on the internet is the best way to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest technologies. Nowadays as the technologies are increasing, it is important to have privacy modes for all the users. At the present time, Google is one of the mostly used search engines in World Wide Web as it integrates each & every section of the web; but in the case of privacy Google actually fails to keep up its standards.

Usually, Google keeps track of what people are searching in order to show better ads. There are plenty of private search engines are available with lots of unique features which don’t store your history or even track you on the internet.

Here are few search engines that complete your privacy needs for secret browsing:

DuckDuckGo private browsing


DuckDuckGo is one of the most effective search engines that intelligently provide protection to your private searches in order to avoid personalized search results of any specific user. Basically, it is a completely different type of search engine from others as it doesn’t require any profile for any users and also shows the same results for a particular search term to all the users.

DuckDuckGo servers do not store any kind of search results or IP addresses. This search engine also gives you unique information from other best resources rather than Wikipedia, Bing, Yahoo! and more.

StartPage private search engine


StartPage is one of the best alternatives to the Google search engine as it provides web results from Google itself with complete security. It allows you to safely, anonymously and securely surf the web as it keeps personal information private.

StartPage search engine comes with URL generator that intelligently eliminates basic requirement of cookie setting as it automatically remembers all your settings in order to simply support cookie-free internet browsing. Basically, StartPage is fully configured to manage all HTTP requests over Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections which keep all search terms secret from anyone who is actually monitoring the traffic.



Privatelee is another private search engine that offers privacy for your search terms. It shows web results from the most popular search engines named Google and Bling as it combines best results from them. On this search engine, it provides infinite scrolling ability as well as best image results over the internet.

You can also have quick look of your images as well as websites with ease. Privatelee search engine also offers increasing privacy option as it doesn’t save IP addresses as well as unique cookies. Make use of its PowerSearch feature in order to search perfect term by just adding smile hint.

Disconnect Search Extension

Disconnect Search Extension

Basically, Disconnect is not a specific search engine but it is a search extension which allows you to simply utilise other search engines with complete privacy options. It also enables you to effortlessly imagine and block all invisible sites which usually keep track of your search terms as well as browsing history.

Now it is possible to privately browse over internet by using your favourite and mostly used search engines including Yahoo, Google, Bling and more. It works same as any other popular search engine where you just need to mention search term in omnibox or address bar in order to get results.

Gibiru anonymous search engine


Gibiru is also one other alternative for a private search or browsing over the internet as it provides the most secured, anonymous as well as unrestricted search engine experience. Basically, it provides web results directly from Google while keeping your identity and personal information safe & secured.

Basically, Gibiru is fully powered by the Google custom search. In the search option, you just need to mention specific search term in order to get the best results with images also. Now it is also possible to sort out all your results by its published date or relevance. It comes with a simple and easy-to-use interface that allows you to search your terms effortlessly.

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