Top 10 Free Games for Samsung Galaxy M30

Best Games for Samsung Galaxy M30

It doesn’t matter what’s your age or what category you belongs to, we all love to play games in our smartphones. And if you are an Android user then you will find plenty of free games in Google play. In this list, we have gathered some of the best games for Samsung Galaxy M30 smartphone.

Here we make a list of 10 top free Android games of all time which are most downloaded and famous among Android users. Just check out the list and see which games you missed. If you see any of one you haven’t played yet, just download and try it. You will surely enjoy.

10 Best Games for Samsung Galaxy M30

1. Temple run 2

Temple run 2

This game doesn’t need any introduction the most popular one you will ever see. The most thrilling and engaging game. I am also sure that you have played this game.

Game concept:-. This is endless running game. In which you have run as far as you can to save yourself from evil, in the meanwhile you have to also collect coins for increasing score. It’s highly enriched graphics and sudden twists and turns during running will make you addictive to it.

Once you will start to play this game you will forget about the world. If you haven’t played it then just download and enjoy right away.

Download this game here.

2. Clash of clans

Clash of clans

It is one of the best game you will find in play store. In the game, you are a clan’s leader and you have to build your village and defend it from raiders. They want to destroy your village.

This game concept is like war. if you like to fight in groups at the battlefield. Then you will definitely love this game. But this is not quick to finish game. This game is perfect if you like to play for long hours.

Download this game here.

3. Angry birds (all parts)

Angry birds

Angry birds is nothing but a fantastic game you will ever play. Super easy to learn and easy to play will make you addicted to it.

In the game you have to save birds eggs from pigs who capture their area. By using birds head to hit pigs and destroy their defence. Each bird has his own unique power. And you have to use your logic to clear levels. The less birds you user the higher you score.

There are hundreds of level in the game with different themes, which will make you stick to it.

Download this game here.

4. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne

This game is developed by Game loft, a high-speed racing game with attractive graphics and fun to play. The scary accident will increase your heartbeat and fill you with excitements and thrill.

You have to avoid yourself from crashing into lamppost and barrier, and gain nodes to speed up your car. If you love cars and car racing then this game is for you.

Download this game here.

5. Subway surfers

Subway surfers

Just like temple run it is also an endless running game, where you have to escape from police and run as far as you can in subway and roofs of trains while collecting coins. In the subway, you will find things like score multiplier, magnets and jet etc. which will add fun in the gameplay.

This game is released in many version’s in the theme of different popular cities all around the world like new York, London, Tokyo, Mumbai, etc.
An excellent game developed by killoo and SYBO games. One of the top games of smartphones.

Download this game here.

6. Cut the rope

Cut the rope

Cut the rope is a puzzle game in which you have to feed a monster named om nom with his favourite candy, Because he can’t reach it. You can use your finger to swipe in the screen to cut the rope and give candy in his mouth by avoiding obstacles, its good alternative of angry bird.

Many versions are released like holiday gift, experiments, magic. and each version has its unique feature. nice game for Android’s.

Download this game here.

7. Dead trigger 2

Dead trigger 2

A zombie-themed horror video game with over 23 million downloads. This is a first person shooter game with good graphics and interesting story line. In the game, you gave to shoot and kill zombies and survive against zombie destruction. You have a limited amount of health which will decrease if you get hit by a zombie.

There will be two types of zombie, one is a normal zombie which came slowly and hit with hands. these are easy to kill and another is an advanced zombie which are hard to kill but you will get more reward like cash or health kit. Hit the zombie’s and score as much as you can.

Download this game here.

8. Candy crush saga

Candy crush saga

Candy crush is easy to play and very interactive game, where you have to connect colours in series of three to score points, with its unique feature of unexpected rewards which sometimes get and sometimes not.

This game is especially liked by girls. A sweet background music and colourful graphics add fun in the game. It has more than 400 levels to play and one of the most downloaded games in play store.

Download this game here.

9. Plant vs. zombies 2

Plant vs. zombies 2

It is tower defence game but not like any other tower defence game you will find in Androids. In the game, the tower is in your background and you have to defend your lawn from zombies with plants.

With its beautiful graphics and unique idea of gameplay will surely going to impress you.

Download this game here.

10. Fruit ninja

Fruit ninja

Fruit ninja is one of most popular and time killer game in Android, with over 100 million downloads. In which you have to use your finger to cut fruit and score points. It’s attractive graphics and easy to play will make you addicted to it.

Download this game here.

So this was the list of top games for Samsung Galaxy M30 of all times based upon the number of downloads, ratings and after analyzing different reviews. Just give a try to those games which sound interesting to you and have fun with it.
If there is any other game you like to include feel free to leave a comment and let us know. And don’t forget to share this list with your friends using Facebook and let them know. Enjoy!

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