5 Best Launcher Apps for LG V40 ThinQ

Android is the most amazing mobile operating system, one aspect of this awesomeness is its capability of allowing the user to customize their device to way beyond what they might have thought of. You can customize almost all the elements of the OS, whether it is changing fonts or changing transition animations on you LG V40 ThinQ. There are separate apps available for each of this customization, however, launchers are considered to be the best and all in one solution for such customization. In this list, we have gathered some of the best theme launcher apps for LG V40 ThinQ smartphone for better customization purpose.

Launchers are the applications, which mainly changes the way the home screen looks like and their transitions. Although, modern launchers are known for their extreme customizing effects. Some of the best launchers for Android are listed below, in the order of their usefulness and how spectacular they are.

List of best launcher apps for LG V40 ThinQ

1. Google Now Launcher:

Google Now LauncherAs per the name suggests, it is official google launcher as seen in the stock ROM of various Google touched devices, such as Nexus Series and Moto Series. This can, however, be applied on your device too, as it is a free app available on Google Play Store. It is compatible with Android devices with Android 4.X or later versions.

The main specialty of this launcher is its simplicity and been officially launched by Google; besides this, there is nothing you can consider good about it, as there isn’t any sort of customizations. Although, if you want your device to work properly without lagging and hanging, you must use this launcher. Due to its amazing user base, it has been given a top position among best launcher for Android list.

2. Nova Launcher:

Nova LauncherNova Launcher is the best launcher for Android, besides google now launcher. You can make a wide array to changes to your current interface, including text colors, backgrounds, transparency and even border-radius.

Besides this, it has a separate market place for its themes, from where you can purchase themes and download freebies too. Owing to all these amazing features, Nova Launcher is one of the best launchers for Android and is suitable for those who wish to make their device look really special.

3. Apex Launcher:

Apex LauncherApex launcher is another one of the best launchers for Android. It is quite similar to Nova launcher when talking about smooth scrolling and transparency options. Although, lags in various other features such as lock screen etc.

Its main specialty is its superb compatibility with tablets, it works best for tablets with a wide angle of view. It is available in a free version, which can be upgraded to a premium version by paying some bucks.

4. Evie Launcher:

Evie LauncherIt is quite unique as compared to other launchers. Installing this on your device will end up in a whole new organized framework of the interface. According to the developers, this will change the way the things are in Android. This launcher will neatly organize your apps, games etc. in a respectful manner and will show you in organized spaces.

It also tracks your whereabouts and will respectively sort the stuff for you automatically. It is a completely free app which you can get from Playstore. Due to its uniqueness, it finds a place in the best launchers for Android list.

5. Go Launcher:

Go LauncherNot further confusing you with the big list of best launchers for Android, here is my last observation “Go Launcher”. It is available in two variants Go Launcher EX and Go launcher prime, the later version is a paid app which you can get by making an upgrade of Go Launcher EX.

If you are looking for something extreme, immediately go for this launcher. There is a dedicated theme market place allowing you to have one-touch access for all themes. Besides this, there are plenty of plugins available in the app which will allow you to customize every aspect of the device.

So, this was the list of best launchers for LG V40 ThinQ smartphone. In case, you think I have missed out something, tell me in comments!

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