How To Fix Market Not Found Error In Bluestack

How To Fix Market Not Found Error In Bluestack

BlueStack is an android emulator which brings all your favorite apps to desktop powered by Microsoft Windows or MAC OS. In other words, it is the best way to use all your android apps on your desktop. BlueStack is a Silicon Valley-based company in the USA which offers multiple downloadable apps & games for providing a virtual experience of Android on PC. It is quite simple to use this app, in case you do not know how to run android apps on PC using Bluestack read through.

One of the most common problems that the users face is ‘Market Not Found Error in Bluestack’. Well, in case you are one of those million people you have reached a potentially awesome page as here is ‘How to Fix Market Not Found error in Bluestack’.

The developers offer both free as well as the paid subscription. In the paid subscription they offer multiple paid games to be played on pc, which you will be needed to install on your PC. It is indeed one of its kind utility software which is great to use and fun to learn as well.

Fixing Market Not Found Error in Bluestack:

However, with so much to offer, there is a common error with the latest version of Bluestack. Whenever we try and install the latest version, it doesn’t have the inbuilt play store in it and thus giving birth to Market not found error in Bluestack.

If we try and find an app in the latest version of Bluestack, it will always show that the market is not found. What should be the way to tackle when we come across such an error of the market not found? How to fix market not found error in Blue stack?

There are two ways using which you can fix the market not found error in Bluestacks. Let us try the following steps and see which ones work best for us:

Installation Via APK Method:

This is the first method to fix market not found error in Bluestack which can be tried once. It simply states to look out for the app externally which we want to install via Bluestack.

For example, we wish to install “Clash Of Titans” game in our pc. Then, look out for the .apk file of the game and download it externally via any browser. Once the download is done. Install it in the pc, and the Bluestack will automatically install the respective game using the .apk file in our pc.

This could be first and a reliable method to fix market not found error in BlueStack issue, wherein we are externally downloading the file and installing it via Bluestack to update our pc as well as Bluestack library.

Google Play Store Method:

The second method to fix ‘market not found error’ in Bluestack is to externally download the .apk file of the Google Play Store itself. Once downloaded open the APK file using the Bluestack apk file handler. Wait a few minutes till it gets compiled and installed. Once done the Play Store is all set and ready to use and serve all the requirement of apps and games via Bluestack.

The above two proposed ways work fine and can be quite safe to fix market not found error in Bluestack and are the supposedly best ways to fix it too. Either a single .apk can be downloaded and installed via Blue Stack and updated with its library or the same could also be done for Google Play store directly. The easiest method will be the second approach of course which is to install the complete play store and end the worry forever.

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