How to Use Wi Fi to Transfer Data From Android to Android Devices

Wi Fi to Transfer Data From Android

Here are the days where smartphones have become a part of life through which all the matters are solved in just a click. The networks are amazing and it does not trouble you in using your phone. In a place with Android phones in hand, Wi-Fi is like a boon by which you can transfer data from Android to Android within a blink of an eye.

There are apps for android which will help Android phones transfer data from android to android easily. Just you have to do is to download the required apps from Google Play which will let you share data through phones.

Apps Helping Transfer Data From Android To Android:

1. Wi-Fi File Transfer:

Wi-Fi file transfer is an Android app which supports all kind of Android phones. This app lets you transfer data from android to android by using file transfer over Wi-Fi connection. It’s easy for using web interface and no USB cable is at all required for transferring files or sharing files.

Features Of WiFi File Transfer:

  • Besides its ability to transfer data from android to android, there are various customizations that can be done:
  • Multiple file downloads or uploads can be done at once.
  • Password authentication might be needed.
  • Shortcuts to music, video, and ringtones are there.
  • It runs in the background.
  • When the device is in hotspot mode then the application runs.
  • Can be accessed to external SD card and USB too.
  • If it is connected to the home network it automatically starts.

Play Store Link: Wifi File Transfer

2. ShareCloud:

This app too lets you transfer data from android to android by sharing files with the help of Wi-Fi connection. It is actually the easiest way to share your data with your friends and family. This app has the following features:

Features of ShareCloud:

  • Improved major UI.
  • Multiple sharing options.
  • Direct sharing app.
  • No passwords required.
  • Much improved search interface.
  • Works on Android 1.6 and above that.

Play Store Link: ShareCloud

3. SuperBeam:

All devices are compatible with this application which lets you transfer data from android to android device, along with some other phone OS too. Superbeam is the fastest app which transfers data quickly and it can also be used by pairing QR codes.

Features of SuperBeam:

  • This app is up to date and no manual selection is needed to start the sharing of files.
  • Direct Wi-Fi usage with blazing speed.
  • Colour themes to suit your taste.
  • Shares to the devices which does not have Superbeam app.
  • Multiple sharing apps.
  • Files, music, APK’s, Zip files all can be shared.
  • Port 8080 is used which is very effective with all kind of Wi-Fi networks.
  • Storage of files in SD card.

Play Store Link: SuperBeam

4. SyncMate

And if you need to transfer data between Android and Mac, take a look at SyncMate, sync tool for Mac and Android.

With SyncMate you can:

  • Sync personal data like contacts and calendar events;
  • Sync media files – music, images, videos, playlists;
  • Sync whole folders;
  • mount Android as Mac disk to transfer data between Mac and Android in Finder.

What differs SyncMate from other sync tools?

  1. SyncMate offers its own Sync service that allows data transfer and synchronization.
  2. SyncMate syncs data directly between Mac and Android apps.
  3. Sync is possible via WiFi, Bluetooth or USB connections.

Well, there are many more apps which can be used directly to transfer data from android to android which makes life easier and quicker. These help friends to share files which can be transferred to one another’s android phone through the easy Wi Fi connection. You now don’t have to wait for long hours connecting the USB. So, don’t stop yourself from sharing and download apps and make your friends happier.

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